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A gym membership now a day can cost a crazy amount. And how often is that gym membership being used after a long week? Most of us are busy taking care of a family, working, or whatever it is we spend our time with that we don’t want to take the time to go to the gym.


That is why modern technology is so nice! We have the availability of so much at our fingertips.


I get bored with my fitness DVDs at home, with the same workouts. Just like yoga, there are so many fitness channels on YouTube. I love the variety and a challenge, so finding the world of fitness on YouTube is amazing. I was getting bored with my fitness DVDs, with the same old workouts. So I tried out some YouTube channels. Below is a top 10 list of my favorite channels so far. 

The Best YouTube Channels for Fitness

If you type workout into YouTube, Popsugar is going to pop up. So far, I can see why it is so popular. This channel really has it all! A huge variety of workouts, from beginners and tutorials to pregnancy workouts, and even recipes. The trainers are amazing and so encouraging and inspirations.

Another great channel is FitnessBlender! They have a great range of workouts from beginner to high intensity. The videos have no music, only the instructor guiding you through. I really like this too, because then I can pick my own music to work out to!

Cassey Ho has an infectious bubbly personality that makes you want to continue even the hardest workouts. All the workouts I have dont from this channel have been challenging. My abs and body hurt the next day, but I love it! I love that its mat work, that can be done in a small space, and you can still get a killer burn.

This is a great channel! They have been on YouTube now for 10 years!! They have a variety of videos covering health tips, to recipes, to how to videos, to full body workouts. 

This channel has great HIIT videos, in all differents lengths, and levels. He also has some great videos on healthy eating and strengthing your core.

Women’s Workout Channel is all about helping women learn the best exercises for their body. Its meant to help women do what the can, and learn each workout correctly.

Not only does Christine have great full-length intense fat burning workouts, but she also has great videos on nutrition.

You can find some shorter workouts on this channel, but even though they are shorter (about 10-15 minutes) doesn’t mean they aren’t intense. You will be sweating and breathing heavy by the end of each video.

This channel has over 1,000 full-length workout videos. They also over fitness programs that can be completed over 30-90 days. I love workouts that range from a month or longer, it keeps me on a good schedule and routine. It is also exhilarating once the time is completed.

Not only does Rebecca has some amazing workouts on her channel, but she also has some great inspiration and motivating videos too.

Do you have any fitness channels to recommend? Please leave them in the comment section below, I love exploring new channels and seeing how different each persons work out routine is.





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  1. Lisa

    Thank you for this list. I have been wanting something new but too lazy to go out into the abyss. I use the same thing: body project. I will look forward to trying your suggestions.


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