What is Core De Force?


Core De Force is a 30 day MMA inspired workout from Beachbody. It combines martial arts, kick boxing,  and Muay Thai with heart pumping cardio, to burn calories, and get you in shape fast! There is no boring work out in this program.


Each work out follows the same pattern, rounds being three minutes long, and then a 30 second break. The work outs are different lengths in time, and range from 27 to 47 minutes. After the first week, most days have have two work outs, so you’ll need at least an hour a day.

Core De Force Trainers

Joel and Jericho keep you entertained the entire 30 days. They provide motivation and energy through out each and every work out .

I personally really enjoyed Jericho, her fitness level is incredible. In one of the work outs she says she just had a baby, and is working on getting her abs back.

I had a little one over a year ago, and I am still trying to get my body back, I can relate.

What you are getting with Core De Force

There is no equipment necessary for this work out. I would suggest a mat or yoga mat if you are working out on a hard surface, and also make sure you have enough room. There are some moves that require you to move forward, back and side to side, to make sure you have enough free space in your area.

Core De Force comes with 11 routines, on 3 discs, along with short learn it videos, that go more in depth with the harder moves:  MMA Speed – 27 Minutes  Dynamic Strength – 47 Minutes  

Power Sculpt – 37 Minutes  

MMA Shred – 37 Minutes  

Active Recovery – 21 Minutes  

Core Kinetics – 16 Minutes  

5 Min. Core on the Floor – 5 Minutes 

MMA Plyo – 47 Minutes  

MMA Power – 47 Minutes  

MMA Mash Up – 26 Minutes  

Core De Force Relief – 5 Minutes

Who is this work out meant for?

This work out can be done by anyone, at any skill level. There is a modifier in every work out, to make the moves easier if you are just starting your fitness journey. And for the more advanced, there are plenty of advanced moves to keep you interested.


If you’re not naturally coordinated then this work out might make you a little bit mad with the crazy punch-kick combos.

Don’t give up! push through it and keep going. No where does it say you have to keep up with the trainers. Slow down, master the moves and go at your own pace. If all else fails, march in place, while really watching what they are doing on screen. Next time around, give it another go. It gets easier with the more you practice. 


My Experience

I really enjoy MMA, and kickboxing work outs, so boy was I ready for this work out! On the outside this workout appears to be a heart pumping cardio workout program.BUT Man was I wrong!


There is still a ton of cardio in this program, so if that is what you are looking for, you came to the right place.

There is a nice mixture of MMA moves, with strength moves. Who knew you could get stronger without lifting any weights? Core De Force makes that possible.

The first work out (MMA Speed) felt like an introduction workout. I was getting a feel for it, and for what was coming. I felt confident, and felt like I already had this work out in the bag! the next 29 days were going to be easy.

AND THEN came the second day; Dynamic Strength. This is the workout where all the strength moves come in. Here is where I started thinking OMG WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO? and it was only day 2.

Day three, I was feeling so soar in my muscles, which I can usually handle. But the first days workouts hit muscles that I must not have EVER used, because I felt wrecked!

By the end of the week, I was feeling great! First week down! only 3 more to go, that’s hardly anything!

Enter week 2, where the program is slowly adding in 2 work outs a day. By adding two workouts a day, it had become more challenging. After one workout, I was tired, but still started up the second one. Good thing the second work outs were the core workouts, which weren’t very long.

At the end of week 2 I was still feeling great! I was half way!! no looking back now, 2 weeks down, and 2 weeks left to go! I had this!

Week 3, we see that everyday except 2 now have 2 work outs a day. I had to plan ahead to make the time for the work outs, because I was looking at over an hour on some days.

I had now done each work out at least one.

At the end of week 4, I realized….hey I’ve made it through 28 days, 2 more days will be so easy, I am basically done with this workout.

END! Finishing this work out made me feeling empowering. The whole time I was working out, doing my kicking and punching combos, I felt like a total badass.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend Core De Force? Absolutely! It is a heart pumping cardio, strength building workout built for anyone.

Did I master each work outs moves in the 30 days? I did not, but it made me want to give it another go through. In my opinion, this program would need to be done more than once to get amazing results, and master ALL the moves.


Push ups are my weakness! I don’t know what it is about them, but I dislike them! The dynamic strength workout had a variety of push ups. Instead of going into it with negative thoughts, thinking, OMG not this workout again. I put my positive thinking cap on, and thought, what move can I work on and master today?


Working out to me is not about what I know, but going outside my comfort zone, and challenging myself. Pushing my body to its limits in a short period of time. What can I accomplish today that I couldn’t do yesterday?

The best advice I can give with this program is to plan ahead and make time for these workouts. Pay attention to the calendar, and see what is coming up. The length of each work out is different, so pay attention, and make a good plan.

I usually only give myself 30-40 minutes a day to work out, so I had to plan ahead for those hour days. Don’t get discouraged or frustrated by the time, remember, this is only for 30 days! you can do anything for 30 days if you put your mind to it.


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