Labor is going to hurt! But there are ways for preparing the body for a natural birth to make it a little easier, and less painful.


 I had a baby on July 14, 2019, and did everything to prep my body for natural birth.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth. But I didn’t prepare for it. I figured it was natural for our bodies, and I would wing it. 


I ended up with an epidural, and 14 hours of labor from start to finish. I had back pain for a long time from getting the epidural. 

My labor was progressing fast, but the pain got the best of me. I do believe that once I got the epidural,it really slowed down my labor. BUT I wanted the pain to stop, so I felt I got a little break.  


My second time around, I wanted to go natural, no medication at all! 


And let me tell you, I did it, and it felt great and empowering.



I knew I could have a natural birth, and I was determined.


How to Have an Easy Labor

My second labor was 4.5 hours from the start of my first contractions to meeting my baby. 


She made her arrival within an hour and a half upon arriving at the hospital. My contractions didn’t even get intense until 30 minutes before she was born. 


I do believe all the preparation I did this time around, helped to have an easier natural birth compared to my first.


Below is a list of things I did to prepare for my natural birth. 


Preparing the Body for A Natural Birth While Pregnant

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Birthing Ball Exercises


When I started my third trimester, I started using an exercise/birthing ball.


I would sit on it instead of a computer chair when working.


Sitting on it would alleviate back pains. while also doing torso rotations, to help open my hips.

The ball did wonders! Compared to my first pregnancy, I had little to no pain.

When I got toward the end of my pregnancy, and my baby dropped. Sitting on the ball was a lifesaver.


It would be painful to sit on the couch or a chair, so I would use the ball any chance I got.


Birthing ball use can give you the strength and stability needed to move your baby down into the pelvis, speed up dilation, and manage labor and delivery pains.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea


Red raspberry tea is meant to prepare your uterus for labor, and to help with contractions.


A lot of women have claimed that red raspberry leaf tea helps shorten labor.


The fragarine compound found in red raspberry leaves are known to help tone and tighten muscles in the pelvic area, including the walls of your uterus, which can help make delivery easier.



Dates help to make a quick and less painful labor, by eating six a day starting at 34 weeks.


Labor is GOING to hurt, so if someone tells me I can eat dates to help with the pain, you will see me eating dates DAILY.


I ate dates in my first and second pregnancy and had short labors. The second labor was extremely short.


If you don’t like dates, try adding them to a smoothie. Not only do they add a sweetness to the smoothie, but you will get your daily intake.

Evening Primrose Oil


Evening Primrose Oil was a new one I had heard about at 32 weeks. I didn’t start evening primrose until 34 weeks. It is meant to help soften and open your cervix, and help the muscles stretch to prevent tearing.


My first birth, I tore bad, needed stitches, and had one hell of a recovery.


The second birth, I had the smallest little tear that didn’t need stitching. And the recovery has been so much easier.

Healthy Peace of Mind All Natural Deodorant RMO Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils 


I put together pernium blends and started using those at 34 weeks to prep for labor. These help to stretch, and prevent tearing.


Do you see a pattern? I was determined not to tear this time…it sucked last time! And felt like it took forever to heal.



I love to work out!


Now don’t go starting a crazy workout routine. As long as you had a healthy exercise habit before you were pregnant, you are usually good to continue while you are pregnant with your doctor’s approval.


Working out while pregnant can help prepare your body to have an easier labor. It helps prepare your muscles, to strengthen and tone for a less painful labor.


Not only can it help with labor, but exercise can benefit your baby too. Studies have shown that moms who work out while pregnant are more likely to have children who aren’t obese in life.



Kegels will help strengthen the muscles that support the uterus, bowels, and bladder.


When strengthening these muscles during pregnancy, you will develop and control the muscles to prepare for labor.


How to do Kegels: imagine yourself trying to stop the flow of urine or trying not to pass gas. When you do this, you are using the muscles of the pelvic floor and are practicing Kegel exercises.


While doing Kegel exercises, try not to move your leg, buttock, or abdominal muscles.


No one should be able to tell that you are doing Kegel exercises. You can do them anywhere


It is recommended to do five sets of Kegel exercises a day. Each time you squeeze the muscles of the pelvic floor, hold for a slow count of five and then relax. Repeat this ten times for one set of Kegels.


Birth It Up eCourse


For my first birth I thought I was prepared, but then I went through it, and I was not.



Second time around, even though I had an idea of what happens, every baby is different, so I decided to educate myself further.



I came across the eCourse birth it Up by Liesel Teen while researching natural births.  It doesn’t matter what pregnancy you are in, this course is amazing. 



It helped prepare my mind, and also gave me tips on how to control a painful contractions.

Natural Birth Benefits



There are many benefits to giving birth naturally.


With no medication, I was up and walking right away after giving birth to my little girl. The nurses actually told me to wait.


I am now 8 weeks post partum, and the recovery has been so different then the first.


I was working out by two weeks, because I felt I was able.


My bleeding was very minimal once I left the hospital.


My mood and hormones don’t seem as crazy this time around. Although I will say, going between the first and second child is an entirely different experience.


Do you have any tips for preparing your body for labor? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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